Universal Range

The Universal range offers an excellent assortment of exclusive BONHEUR syrups, which will bring life to your regular mocktails, cocktails, teas, and frozen drinks. The universal range has 12 flavours to offer. These syrups are a heavenly match of French flavours blending with the Indian palate to witness the delectable union.

Rich in taste and texture, the Universal range of syrups will add a delicious twist to your summer drinks. Add a dash of French affair to every beverage with these distinct, unique and gourmet drink syrups. You can assuredly taste the versatility in every sip that you take. Revive your tropical drinks and sodas with flavours like Blue Curacao, Orange and Pina Colada, and let the symphony of balanced sweet notes and blissful tanginess enrapture your senses. These syrups are the secret ingredient for creating the perfect island, tropical and vacation drinks.

The flexibility of these syrups is not restricted only to cocktails and mocktails. Flavours like Vanilla and Raspberry are great for creating lip smacking lattes, mochas, smoothies, shakes and more.

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Blue Curacao Syrup-

The mild orange flavour of Bonheur Blue Curacao adds the bliss of tanginess to your tropical cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and sodas

Mint Mojito Syrup-

Bonheur bring to you the Cuban classic, liven up your frozen cocktails, mocktails and sodas with the distinct accent of Mint Mojito Syrup

Pina Colada BONHEUR Label.png

Pina Colada Syrup-

All time favourite of bartenders, a perfect vacation drink with a fruity note of pineapple, enjoy it with smoothies, mocktails and cocktails

Orange Syrup-

Perfect tanginess with a balanced sweet note is bound to leave an impression on all the drinks, rejuvenate your tropical and summer drinks. With Bonheur Orange Syrup make great tasting mocktails, cocktails or simply add it to soda and relish the taste

Watermelon Syrup-

Add the refreshing taste of summer with a bliss of Watermelon Syrup to your exotic cocktails, mocktails, teas and slushes


Rose Syrup-

The elegance of Rose Syrup cannot go unnoticed in any drink. the floral aroma is quintessential for romantic drinks, the light flora accent of Bonheur Rose Syrup will liven up your spirits, cocktails, mocktails and sodas.


Cucumber Syrup-

Bonheur Cucumber Syrup lends distinct and refreshing accent to tropical region cocktails, mocktails, teas and sodas.

Lemon Ice Tea- It is the easiest way to create refreshing Lemon Ice Tea beverages. Add the bold taste of tea and the tangy taste of lemon and make the perfect island drinks.


Strawberry Syrup-

Fruity aroma and a perfectly balanced sweet flavour, Bonheur Strawberry Syrup brings out the best of your lemonades, cocktails, maocktails and frozen drinks. It is a versatile addition to a wide range of beverages. 

Pomegranate BONHEUR Label.png

Pomegranate Syrup-

The fruity taste of Pomegranate will surely leave an impression. Add the refreshing taste to your mocktails, cocktails and sodas

Vanilla BONHEUR Label.png

Vanilla Syrup-

Bonheur Vanilla Syrup gives the rich, smooth taste of French vanilla to your drinks. Use it with lattees, mochas, smoothies, shakes, specialty cocktails or simply add it while whippping cream


Raspberry Syrup-

The balanced note of sweet, tart and ripe flavour our our Raspberry syrup makes a delicious addition to cocktails, mocktails and sodas.