Gourmet Range

A drop is all you need of Bonheur syrups to add that extra zest to your day.  Our passion is bringing to you the best of French aromatic experiences to your beverage and enough pleasure to relish for a long time. The Gourmet Range of Bonheur syrups is worth indulging in. Give your favourite drink a unique twist by throwing in a dash of French flavour to it.  Be it coffee, lattes, cocktails, mocktails, lemonades or sodas, the striking Gourmet Range of syrups promises to turn your regular drinks into classics.

This collection of syrups has nine matchless essences. Be it the toffee nut or the chocolate syrup, a drop of it in your morning coffee or mocha is the perfect start to your day. Sweet indulgence plus coffee is a deadly combination. The unique flavours of the Gourmet Range added to your mocktails or lattes will leave you yearning for more.

For all the people with a sweet tooth, this assortment of syrups will add a dash of French paradise to desserts and beverages. When these syrups blend into your cold coffee or milkshake, it results in creamy delight. Top it with some whipped cream, and you get a delicious dessert.

These heavenly aromas will give you the gourmet vibe and fuse enchantingly with any drink. You are sure to be transported to France with every drop.

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Chocolate Syrup-

Enjoy your morning coffee and mochas with a twist of Bonheur Chocolate Syrup, turn your favourite drinks into masterpieces


Caramel Syrup-

The rich, buttery taste of with the perfect smoothness is a bliss for hot and cold coffee beverages, milkshake and cocktails. You can simply add it to whipped cream and enjoy with your desserts


Cinnamon Syrup-

The intriguing spicy taste of Bonheur Cinnamon Syrup lends warmth to a wide range of drinks. Add this bold, versatile flavour in hot, spiced drinks in fall and winter, and fruity cocktails in spring and summer.


Ginger Syrup-

Stir in the bold flavour of spicy ginger to your mocktails, cocktails, lemonades and sodas

Ginger BONHEUR Label.png

Elderflower Syrup-

Enjoy the floral note that can be mixed with almost all the flavours, gives a distinct personality to your sparkling wines, sodas, lemonades and cocktails


Toffee Nut-

When the irresistible taste of toffee meets the taste of nuts. Enhance your taste of lattes, coffees, mocktails and cocktails


Coconut Syrup-

Give your tropical drinks a twist with Bonheur Coconut Syrup, add it to your desserts, smoothies, mocktails, cocktails and make them into signature pieces

Coconut BONHEUR Label.png

Lavender Syrup-

Bonhuer Lavender Syrup adds, semi-sweet, soothing floral aroma and a vibrant blue colour to your cocktails, mocktails, sodas and lemonades.

Hazelnut BONHEUR Bottle.png

Hazlenut Syrup-

Bonheur Hazlenut Syrup adds bold, natural, hazelnut flavour to hot or cold speciality coffee beverages, milkshakes, deserts, cocktails, mocktails and more. Enjoy the natural nutty flavour with balanced sweetness.