Exotic Range

The Exotic range of syrups has eight varieties of essences that can make any cocktail or soda irresistible. Be it the lushness of passion fruit or the striking sweet, bitter taste of orange, these tangy and sweet liquids promise you the taste of French heaven.

The range has tropical fruit flavoured syrups, which will enrich the taste of your drinks and please your taste buds. It is bound to be noticed by everyone at parties as its rich flavour is assured to blend with any beverage. Bartenders thoroughly enjoy using them to make any simple drink into an exotic one. Bonheur brings to you syrups that can fill up your drinks with melodiousness poised with tart and tang. It is bound to imprint on any cocktail, mocktail, or lemonade.

The reviving flavours will keep you craving for more. If you enjoy fruity aromas, then you can choose from green apple, blueberry or lychee, all of which can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can surely rely on the exotic range to make any thirst-quencher even more refreshing.

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Passion Fruit BONHEUR Label.png

Passion Fruit Syrup

Make your mocktails brighter and cocktails irresistible with the richness of Passion Fruit Syrup.

Triple Sec BONHEUR Label.png

Triple Sec Syrup-

Twist of Triple Sec is bound to get noticed in all the parties, add the flavour and aroma of the famed orignal. Its a great base to a number of cocktails, mocktails and mochas and is a favorite of bartenders

Green Apple Syrup-

Liven up your cocktail and give your sour apple martini a twist of Bonheur, perfectly sweet and tart flavour will rejuvenate your teas, cocktails and sodas.

Blood Orange BONHEUR Bottle.png

Blood Orange Syrup-

Make your simple drinks into exotic ones. Bonheur Blood Orange is bound to make a statement, its sweet and bitter taste will leave an impression on every drink

Grenadine Syrup-

Add the magic of vibrant red and irresistibly sweet Grenadine Syrup, a key ingredient in many famous drinks. Add the magic of red to your cocktail, mocktail and soads 

Litchi BONHEUR Bottle.png

Blueberry Syrup-

Enjoy the sweetness of Blueberry syrup with a balanced tart accent, Our Blueberry syrup brings intriguing profile to refreshing cocktails, iced teas, lemonades, mocktails and more

Peach Syrup-

Enjoy the authentic rich and fruity flavour of Peach and give your drinks a distinct personality. It is a perfect ingredient for desserts, mocktails, cocktails, margaritas and shakes.

Litchi Syrup-

Sweet and floral taste of Bonheur Litchi syrup had balance of sweet and tart. Its light, floral taste pairs perfectly with coconut, lime and other tropical tastes.